About Me/My Other Blogs

Good morning.

My name is Grace. This is what I look like:

Me and the Doctors

Except usually my mouth is less open.

Welcome to my blog on writing. I am a 20-something, best-selling author–

No wait, that’s next year. Ok then. Starting over.

My name is Grace. I am an aspiring author currently residing in Saint Paul, Minnesota, US of A. I like hockey (Go Sharks!), Victorian novels, and long walks on the beach and making brownies. I will read almost anything that stays still long enough, and I write YA, fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries, and occasionally plays that nobody performs. Trying to write poetry gives me indigestion, so I generally avoid it.

This blog is my attempt to connect with other writers, published or hopeful.


I have two other blogs that I hope you will visit:

The Oscars Wild–Here I post short fiction. Please please please stop by and comment!

1001 Monkeys with Typewriters–This is my personal blog. Less writing-oriented. COME VISIT!


you can contact me at danceontherain[at]yahoo[dot]com


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