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No post today because it’s the last day/s of finals and I’m being eaten alive. EATEN ALIVE. Much like the sarlacc tried to eat Han Solo.

sarlacc-new style

This is an example of a good analogy because Han Solo and I both survive to wittily quip another day. Also we are both amazingly good looking and have tall furry friends.

And tomorrow–PART I OF AN EXCITING TWO-PART SERIES!! Tune in tomorrow night. Bring popcorn.


Post the First

Hi everyone!

So I’ve been switching blogs quite a bit over the past little while, creating new ones left and right and center, leaving others flailing by the wayside. I’m sure my loyal fanbase (hi Mom! hi Dad!) is getting quite annoyed with me. But I am happy to say, this should be my last switch/addition for a while.

So here’s what’s happening in my blogworld. The Oscars Wild will continue to showcase my fiction. (showcase!) 1001 Monkeys with Typewriters will be more…personal. About me. “Today I saw an awesome play.” “Today I graduated from college.” “Today I moved to Italy.” That sort of thing. THIS blog will be my attempt to create a semi-professional writerly presence on the intrawebs. (hee hee. “professional.”) There will probably be occasional cross-posts with 1001 Monkeys, since it is impossible for me to talk about my writing without talking about me, or to talk about me without talking about writing.

So my friends who like me but don’t care at all about writing will probably just want to stick to the Monkey Blog. My writerly buds might want to read this one…or both? You can never have too much Grace. :-) Everyone should read the Oscars Wild and tell me what they think of my fiction.

Why WordPress? (Since I’m sure you all care muchly.) Well, I started on Blogger. Easy-peasy. You point, you click, and things happen. You have a blog! But I think WordPress looks a bit more professional. Also there’s more potential to do cool things with it, once I learn how to do those cool things. (htmwhat?) There’s a bit of a learning curve, though, so bear with me. Allllso. This is one less aspect of my life owned by g00gle. Which makes me happy.

So that’s where we stand now.

Three blogs. Personal, “Professional,” Fictional.

Look out, world. Here I come.