Warren Ritter Needs You!

I admit I have never read any of the Warren Ritter mysteries by David Skibbins (The Tarot Card Mystery Series). But he’s doing something so incredibly interesting with his next book that I am encouraging you to go read it anyway.

You see, the fifth book in the series is going to be cowritten by David Skibbins and whoever comments on his blog. Yes, this means you. Every month he will post a new chapter, and what happens next will be based on reader(=cowriter) comments.

I am more than a little fascinated by this idea. I mean, he’s just giving his characters up to the whimsy of everyone wandering the intrawebs. I sooo could not do that. Writing is a private thing for me. Also I have control issues. I may not have any idea what direction my characters are taking, but I’ll be damned if anyone else tells them what to do. So it will be interesting to see how he incorporates reader suggestion, and how much control he gives up. And what happens when the readers start suggesting rabid polar bears?

Anyway, here is his website. Check it out.


And what do you think of this concept? Could you do it?